Best exercise for heart patient

There is no doubt that having heart disease makes you a little weak or puts you at more risk. But it does not mean that you stop exercising and sit idle. Sedentary life can make things worse for you. To keep your heart healthy you should exercise regularly which prevents heart stroke, lowers the cholesterol level and glucose level if you have diabetes and you can lead a healthy life.

So in this article we are going to discuss the best exercise for heart patients which does not put any pressure on the heart.

1. Aerobic exercises:

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Aerobic exercise improves blood circulation and lowers the risk of heart stroke. It increases the strength of the body and aerobic fitness. It also helps in prevention of type 2 diabetes and if you already have diabetes, then it helps in lowering the blood glucose level. Aerobic exercises include jumping, cycling, swimming, running, jogging, playing tennis or badminton, etc. You need to do any of these at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes daily.

2. Strength workout:

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To cut out the fat off your body, you need to do a strength workout. People who have fat belly, are at higher risk of getting heart diseases. Strength workout helps in reducing the fat and making you lean, ultimately you will be fit. Infact, a combination of aerobic exercises and strength workout helps in lowering the bad cholesterol, which is known as LDL and increasing the level of good cholesterol known as HDL. 

Strength workout includes exercises using weights like dumbbells and barbells. Other exercises like pushups, chin ups, crunches, planks, etc. You can do strength workouts on alternate days for good results.

3. Stretching and flexibility:

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Stretching is important to make that muscle ready which you are going to target during the work out. Little jogging, jumping jacks and stretching will be enough for warm up and you are ready for the work out. After doing stretching, the body becomes flexible and it prevents the body from any type of injury during workout and muscle cramps or soreness. In short, it helps in making your musculoskeletal foundation strong resulting in an increase in the capability to do the exercises which are helpful for the heart and gives flexibility to your body to balance well while exercising.

This is the list of best exercises for heart patients. Make your routine and life healthy.

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