Best moisturizer for mixed skin

Mixed skin is not an easy thing to deal with as your T-zone is oily and the rest part of the face usually dry. You need light moisturizer for the T-zone and heavy one for the dry part. In that case, the question arises which moisturizer should be used for mixed skin. Moisturizer is important for skin after washing as it helps in retaining the moisture and early aging. There are a lot of brands available in the market but we should check for the best suited, chemical free and multipurpose moisturizer for mixed skin. So in this article let us discuss the best moisturizer for mixed skin.

1. Neutrogena moisturizer:

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This alcohol free moisturizer is best for mixed skin as it gives a smooth and supple effect to skin after applying. It has a property to moisturize the dry part in a proper way and nourish the oily part also without any greasy or heavy feeling. It has a micro sponge property which absorbs extra oil from the skin and maintains the balance.

2. Mamaearth oil free moisturizer:

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This product is best known as its application gives you soft, shiny and healthy skin. This formula has apple cider vinegar which is an awesome ingredient to treat acne prone skin. It maintains the pH level of the skin and along with the removal of acne and pimples, it clogs the pores and cleans the extra oil from the skin.

3. Biotique morning nectar:

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This moisturizer keeps the skin hydrating and nourishing throughout the day. It has a good aroma and it is very light to use. It gets absorbed in the skin easily and feels very light. You can use this product as a makeup base also. It replaces the lost natural oils and moisture of the skin.

4. Cetaphil dam lotion:

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If you have a sensitive skin, then this product is meant for you. It is a brand of Nestle and dermatologist proven lotion for sensitive and dry skin. This lotion is fragrance free and non cosmetic, it can be used by both men and women. It can be used for whole body care, not just the face and balances the skin pH.

5. Lakme peach milk:

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Lakme is a well known brand for skin care routine and this moisturizer of lakme has got reviews. This moisturizer is a mixture of milk and peaches which absorbs into the skin easily and leaves a smooth effect. It does not have any greasy effect and has a nice fragrance. It comes with SPF 24 which protects your skin from harmful UV sun rays.

So this is the list of Best moisturizer for mixed skin we prepared for you. Hope you find it helpful.

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