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Though today there are many gym options available in markets with advanced machines, suitable plans and qualified coaches, all claim that they are best to go with to maintain health. However, some people prefer working out at home due to many reasons like hygiene issues, introverted nature, etc. In that situation you should know about the Home Gym Workout Routine which will help you in weight management at home with the right equipment and exercises. 

How to warm up?

Before starting any exercise, warm up is mandatory to save yourself from any injury or muscle cramp or soreness. Now the question comes how to do it. Well, the motive of warming up is to make that muscle ready which you are going to target during the work out. Little jogging, jumping jacks and stretching will be enough for warm up and you are ready for the work out.

Now play your favorite beat and let’s get started!

  1. Squats:

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Squats is a lower body exercise which targets the thigh muscles like quadriceps and hamstrings and glutes. Basically it strengthens your thighs muscles, calves muscles and hip muscles. To do this, just wide your legs at shoulder width distance and keep your toes bit outward, backbone should be straight and you are good to go.

  1. Plank: 

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Plank is a great exercise to strengthen your core muscles. Lie on the floor on your hands and knees, keep feet wide apart and rest your arms on the elbows under the shoulders. Bring the whole body in one line and hold it for 15 seconds initially. Then try to increase the time upto 1 to 2 minutes.

  1. Rope jumping:

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It is one of the best cardio exercises which helps in burning a lot of calories by pumping your heart faster and strengthens the lower and upper body. You just need a rope and shoes. Adjust the length of the rope according to your height, wear shoes and start swinging the rope along with jumping.

  1. Push ups:

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Push ups are best for the upper body strength as they target pectoral muscles, triceps and shoulders. You can relate it with the moving plank. To do push ups, lie on the floor with arms and knees, keep the feet together, back should be straight and the whole body should be in a straight line. Now start lowering the body till your chin and chest touch the floor, then push the body upward.

  1. Crunches:   

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Crunches are for more core muscles as they target the abdominal muscles. Lie on your back and keep the feet hip-width apart. Place the arms on your chest, exhale and lift your upper body with a relaxed neck and head. Now inhale and go back to the starting position.

Hope you find this article helpful. Be healthy!

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