Natural antibiotics for skin

We know antibiotics as a semi synthetic drug which is used to treat bacterial infections in the form of tablet or injection. However, they have so many adverse effects on our health as they alter the intestinal bacteria, produce resistance in the harmful bacteria and affect the natural immunity of the body. Therefore, focus should now be on natural antibiotics as they work on the basis of their active ingredients to activate the cell regeneration and strengthen the immune system. 

We can find so many natural antibiotics around us in our kitchen only about which we are going to discuss in this article of natural antibiotics for skin.

1. Garlic:

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Daily one clove a day, keeps the disease away. This quote is absolutely true for garlic because of its medicinal properties. Allicin is the main component of garlic which gets activated when garlic is cut or crushed. It is used to prevent or treat cold, flu, heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. It can be applied on skin as a paste or consumed raw or cooked.

2. Honey:

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Honey is a natural antibiotic because of its component called hydrogen peroxide. It has high sugar content also which inhibits the growth of bacteria. Due to its low pH it dehydrates the bacteria and kills. You can apply the honey directly on the infected area or mix 1 spoon of honey in warm water and drink.

3. Oregano essential oil:

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Next natural antibiotic for skin is oregano essential oil. There is a component called carvacrol which has many therapeutic properties. It helps in healing of the body once inhaled. It cures the inflammation and gastric ulcers in the body. To treat skin fungal infection, use one drop oregano essential oil in one teaspoon of olive or coconut oil.

4. Lemon:

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Lemon is a citrus fruit having low pH which makes it acidic. Therefore it has many antibiotic properties which inhibits the growth of bacteria. Lemon has flavonoids which contribute to antibiotic properties, it has Vitamin C which helps in boosting the immunity.

5. Onion:

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Onion has many medicinal properties which inhibits the growth of bacteria and removal of parasites from the body. The sulfur content of onion is of great importance as it helps in removal of toxins from the body. You can eat it raw as salad or cooked.

So these are the natural antibiotics for skin which you can find in your kitchen, you do  not have to go anywhere. For any suggestion or feedback, please comment in the comment box.

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